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Planned changes to data protection post-Brexit

September 2, 2021 | Business, Latest Thinking, News

A new Information Commissioner John Edwards has been appointed the role of head of the data regulator the ICO. It is said that his role will be more balanced between protecting rights and promoting innovation and economic growth, which fits in line with the government’s innovation strategy plan for the future of the UK.

It is said that the plans for data protection post-Brexit include getting rid of constant cookie pop-ups which come up when people use websites and request permission to store information. It is noted that whilst cookies may be required for high-risk sites, having them for every website seems rather “pointless.”

The Digital secretary, Dowden, notes that there is a lot of bureaucracy around data protection and that we should look at protecting privacy in a “light touch” way as possible. He has further stated that since Brexit, the UK need to reform its data policies so that they make logical sense rather than being a tick box exercise. 

It will be interesting to see what the new head of the ICO proposes instead of the EU data protection laws in place at the moment. 

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