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Too old for a job? How employment law is ageing

August 28, 2018 | Employment, Latest Thinking, News

It is not uncommon for over 50-year olds to continue to work past the state pension age – but how is this effecting the workforce overall?

Recently, it was predicted that by 2030, the overall population of over 50-year olds within the UK will rise to around 27 million.

Following from the late abolition of the ‘Default Retirement Age’ in 2011, this has lead to a simultaneous increase in the amount of over 50-year olds remaining within employment past the state pension age.

Some may stay to work for the sake of finance, whilst others find it gives them a sense of purpose later in life – whatever the case, the overstaying of people over the pension age may impact other employees and the work force generally.

This is because, for instance, employers may have to be more sensitive to discriminative actions towards those of a higher age band, as this may be used against them. This means that some working environments may have to adapt and change to the ageing workforce accordingly.

Thus, employment law overall has seen a dramatic rise in age-related enquiries, in which employers are being urged to become more sensitive towards the fact that the workforce no longer has an age limit.

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