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Notable changes to immigration at UK borders



The Home Office announced a new plan for immigration: legal migration and border control strategy statement. In another post we gave an overview of the proposals, in this article, we will discuss the notable changes to UK immigration at UK borders.


There is a proposal for electronic travel authorisation including pre-clearance for people travelling to the UK who do not usually require a visa for the UK. Moving forwards, they will be asked to obtain electronic travel authorisation beforehand. This would be an additional security measure and will require everyone travelling to the UK to gain permission. It is likely that this will mean a more streamlined process at the UK border for short-stay travellers. 


In addition, it has been suggested that border force staff will be able to check whether someone has applied for or been granted EU Settled or pre-settled Status.


There is mention that the UK will depart from using physical documents to prove immigration status, namely Biometric Residence Permits (BRP). It is therefore likely that migrants will hold e-visas rather than physical visa permits. 


It would seem as though the main focus for the UK government is to go digital for ease and consistency. As we mentioned in another post, it has also been proposed that individuals will be able to view their immigration status online which will be helpful when having to prove this to employers and landlords. 


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