New ‘Nine-Point’ plan for UK immigration put forward | Hudson McKenzie

New ‘Nine-Point’ plan for UK immigration put forward

May 22, 2018 | Latest Thinking

‘TheCityUK’ and ‘EY’ have put forward a new nine-point plan for UK immigration, as stated in by their own London finance lobby groups report “The UK’s Future Immigration System and Access to Talent”.

The report states the following:

  • New short-term immigration categories are to be created.

If so, this could allow overseas employees to work for up to six months without a visa in the UK.

This would thus mean that Intra-company transfers (ICTs) would also apply to employees from outside the European Economic Area and the EU, despite the upcoming changes that shall affect them post-Brexit.

  • New Shortage Occupation List.

The creation of a new Shortage Occupation list would mean that immunity would be available from the current Tier 2 Visa Cap in place.

The list would also address ‘actual’ shortages that employers face as well as a new ‘post-study work visa’, in which can allow graduates in ‘STEM’ subjects to work for up to two years in the UK.

  • New specialised branch of the Tier 2 Visa Category

This new category would cover overseas experts, as well as changes to the way the Tier 2 Cap is calculated. By doing so, lower average salaries shall be also considered outside of London and South East England.

The report comes from the drive of the UK to maintain its position as a global business leader by drawing global talent to the UK.

Therefore so to do so, the Lobby groups state that these changes put forward must be implemented immediately, if the UK is to succeed, especially as the current Tier 2 Visa system is out of date.

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