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New immigration routes for the UK

August 10, 2021 | Immigration, News, UK Government

The UK has announced two new immigration routes, the High-Potential Individual route and the Scale-up route which are being introduced to encourage global talent.

High-Potential Individual route

This route aims to allow overseas nationals to come to the UK without a job offer and without being sponsored by an organisation if they can prove high potential. This visa route will be available to those who have graduated from a “top global university.” 

The Home Office has not yet defined what is classed as a top global university. Further information is awaited from the Home Office which should outline the requirements for this route. 

Scale-up visa

The scale-up visa route is for those talented individuals to come to the UK if they hold a high skilled job offer from a “scale-up.” 

A “scale-up” is defined by the Home Office as a company that can show an average annual revenue (20% or more) over a period of 3 years or employment growth rate of a minimum of 10 employees at the start of the of 3 years. 

There will be a minimum salary threshold requirement for this visa. 

Under both routes, it is said that individuals will be able to settle in the UK providing they meet certain requirements. 

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