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New destinations added to the UK green list

June 29, 2021 | News, Travel

The guidance for international travel from the UK is changing constantly. The UK government moves countries between the amber, red and green lists and outlines countries which are safe to travel to and therefore on the “green list.”


Which destinations are now on the green list?


As of 30th June 2021, a number of countries will be added to the green list. This includes Madeira, the Balearic Islands, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, and Montserrat, and Caribbean Islands including Antigua, Barbuda, Dominica, Barbados and Grenada.


When a country is on the green list it means that if you visit that country, you must take a Covid test before visiting the country, with proof of a negative result. You must also book a Covid test for after you return to the UK and complete a passenger locator form. 


From 30th June 2021, Dominican Republic, Eritrea, Haiti, Mongolia, Tunisia and Uganda will be added to the red list. 


As a result of the new list of holiday destinations being added to the green list, there has been a surge in people trying to book holidays and airlines have increased capacity on their flights. 


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