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MPs abuse rule of law claims Lord Chief Justice

Members of Parliament were recently attacked by Lord Burnett of Maldon who claims that ‘Parliamentary Privilege’ is misused by MPs on a regular basis.

The Lord Chief Justice stated that many MPs use their Parliamentary Privilege when wanting to name specific individuals who are initially granted an anonymous status within court cases and procedures.

One of Maldons specific concerns is that the application of Justice would be deterred, if MPs were to continue to use their Parliamentary Privilege in the incorrect manner or excessively.

The claim against MPs comes from the recent reports that within the last ten years there have been up to five breaches of MPs use of Parliamentary Privilege within court cases. This is because MP have started to use the privilege when handling active litigation cases, which could ultimately impact the application of justice.

Therefore, the Chief Lord Justice urges MPs to restrict their use of this privilege whilst in the court room, so that Parliamentary handling of court cases does not become renowned for going against the general rule of law, specifically in the UK.

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