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How should mental health be supported in the workplace?

October 19, 2018 | Employment, Latest Thinking, News

From a HR perspective and with the recent ‘World Mental Health Day’ being recognized throughout the month – just exactly what steps should employers take so to ensure that their employees mental health is catered for?

  • Support all employee’s well-being

Talking about mental health with employee’s is one of the first steps to ensuring that the supporting of mental health is catered for within the work place.

By creating a relationship between employer and employee, this ensures that from a HR perspective, the employee feels that they have a support network at work which they can trust.

  • Create ways for employees to manage stress levels

Using creative ways to assist employees with managing their work and life stress levels is a great way to increase a positive atmosphere within the workplace and ensure that mental health is kept in great shape for all.

For instance, employers could offer free counselling sessions, team-building activities or just generally a few minutes for employee’s to have a ‘time-out’ when it is needed.

  • Sharing is caring

Creating an honest and open environment for employees is a crucial way of ensuring that a positive mental health level is maintained in the workplace.

Ways of achieving this environment may be through weekly team meetings or through an open online forum, where employees feel that they can openly share their feelings without discrimination, allowing for a greater feeling of support from their colleagues and employer.

  • Encourage healthy workplace habits

Is the employees chair adjusted to their posture? Is their good lighting and ample air circulation in the office?

Even the smallest factors can impact upon a person’s mental health and therefore the employer and managers must do their best to ensure that even the smallest things are paid attention to, so to build a strong and healthy team within the workplace.

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