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Who is licenced to sponsor workers?

The Home Office has recently released a list of registered sponsors regarding employers under Tier 2 and 5 visas, therefore what exactly is the Sponsor licence process?

The organisations listed are confirmed as able to sponsor migrants under the Points-Based System, in which a sponsor may be licenced under more than one tier. This follows from the general procedure of the UK Points Based System (PBS) in which all employers must be granted a ‘sponsorship licence’ by the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI).

If employers are not granted a licence, then they shall not be permitted to employ a non-EEA national to work for them. This also accounts for not only new workers from outside the EU, but also relates to the extension of work permits for current employees as well.

To improve the chances of being granted a sponsorship licence, employers must demonstrate the following when applying:

  • Be based within the UK
  • Be a genuine organisation, that is capable of carrying out sponsorship duties.
  • Has sufficient support from the likes of Human Resources, so to fulfil their sponsorship duties efficiently.
  • That prospective employees will receive employment that coincides with the Tier 2 (General) Skill level.
  • That employees shall be delegate a sufficient salary for their employment role.

Furthermore, all potential sponsors should apply online, proving the above with substantial documentation. If the above, as a minimum requirement, is not adhered to, the potential sponsor applicant may face a higher chance of having their application refused.

To find out more about the new list of registered sponsors, please click here.

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