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Do lawyers make good politicians?

November 30, 2018 | Latest Thinking, News

As law becomes inundated with Artificial Technology, should lawyers be pursuing more ‘humane’ roles as budding politicians instead?

The latest Brexit Secretary to be announced by Prime Minster Theresa May is ex-lawyer Stephen Barclay (pictured), as a replacement for ex-lawyer Dominic Raab, following from his recent resignation over the Brexit Draft Agreement.

However, this isn’t the first time that the UK government has been rolling in the lawyers so to assist with British Politics, playing particular key roles in the shaping of British Policy, as seen in the position of ‘Brexit Secretary’.

For instance, other notable lawyers that later went into British Politics are also seen by the likes of David Lloyd George and Clement Atlee, who both became Prime Minister for the UK, despite their initial law trained backgrounds.

Therefore, how fundamental is the nature of a lawyer within politics, and equally, how fundamental is the political spectrum to the preservation of the role of the lawyer?

For example, regarding the former, it may seem more than evident that law is the key stone to British Politics, as law shapes the governing and government of society itself, making the role of a lawyer in government an essential tool to maintaining the order of such governing.

However, regarding the latter, as artificial technology steadily replaces a lot of what the lawyer would be expected to do – from case filing to providing advice – could the role change of lawyer to Member of Parliament or any other given government affiliated role, become a new light of direction for the maintaining of order in government as well as retaining the humane aspect to law through the role of the lawyer in society?

Outside of the UK, notable lawyers later to become politicians have also be seen in the likes of Hilary Clinton within the United States, who was a graduate of Yale Law School and initially a partner of a US law firm.

However, some of the downfalls to the shift in role is that most lawyers in the initial stages will have to balance out their lives as both lawyers and politicians, which can become very time consuming especially given the amount of campaigning that is required for those wishing to eventually become an MP.

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