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Lawyers favour Second Referendum

November 6, 2018 | Latest Thinking, News

Following from the recent ‘Peoples Vote’ March in October 2018, many lawyers since then have signed a letter to Prime Minister Theresa May urging for a second referendum, Pre-Brexit.

Those signing the letter to the PM aren’t exactly your average law affiliates either; thrown into the mix is Labour peer Baroness Kennedy QC, Former Court of Appeal Judge Konrad Schiemann as well as former judge of the Court of Justice of the European Communities; David Edward.

Foundational to the letter addressed to May was predominately the topic of the public’s right to know exactly what they are voting for, regarding the initial referendum being based upon the voter’s choice between a ‘known reality and an unknown alternative’

Following from this, those signing the letter urge May that a ‘People’s Vote’, in relation to the recent protest march, is only a matter of necessity so to ensure that the UK maintains its democratic demeanor in the spectrum of politics.

Furthermore, in the open letter, the ‘Lawyers for a People’s Vote’ urge that “Theresa May not to proceed with such a significant constitutional upheaval without further public consultation”.

Therefore, it is only a matter of time to assess whether May will seriously acknowledge the plea of not only the public but also lawyers, academics and judges, before continuing her downhill battle with Brussels in the shape of a disheveled Brexit negotiation process.

If you would like to read the open letter yourself, you can do by clicking here.

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