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Latest UKVI News: Isis bride denied UK citizenship

February 22, 2019 | Immigration, Latest Thinking, News

The UK Home Office has recently revoked the British Citizenship of an ex-Jihadi Bride after she pleaded to return to the UK, having fled to join to ISIS Terror Group in 2015.

The teenager, who is now nineteen years old, recently gave birth to a child whilst in a refugee camp in Syria, in which prompted her to appeal to Britain to allow her to return, giving that her child is British. This is specifically as the teenager initially had two other children who then died and now fears the life expectancy of her recent newborn.

However, UK Home Secretary, Sajid Javid showed no sympathy towards the teenager when he responded to the appeal that he would “not hesitate” to prevent the teenagers return to the UK. This is predominately because Javid argues that no sympathy should be shown towards those individuals that initially support a Terrorist Organisation and now have come to realise that they are better off within the UK after all.

The lack of sympathy shown by Javid was heightened when the teenager seemed to show no remorse for having joined with the Terrorist Organisation ISIS at the age of fifteen years old, showing the extent of her grooming since leaving the UK.

However in recent news, the ex-ISIS bride could eventually have her British citizenship reinstated, as despites Javid’s intentions to block her return, he has also recently announced that he could also not leave an individual “stateless”.

Given the uncertainty of the teenagers citizenship status, the Home Office continues to support Javid through the ongoing turmoil surrounding the ex-ISIS bride.

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