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Latest UK immigration updates

  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur: Under the Covid-19 concession those whose businesses were impacted by the pandemic were able to extend their leave under this route if they were able to create the equivalent of 2 full time jobs for settled workers. They do not have to show that the jobs had existed for a minimum of 12 months.  
  • Skilled Worker and Tier 2 sportsperson visas: Concessions were made for those who applied under the Skilled Worker route between 24th January 2020- 30th June 2021 allowing them to start working with their employer whilst a decision was being awaited. For those who applied during this period, the time that individuals were waiting for a decision will be counted towards the 5 years to settlement. This is applicable to those who applied as Skilled Workers and Tier 2 sportsperson. 
  • Afghan citizens’ resettlement scheme: This scheme will prioritise those who have assisted the UK efforts in Afghanistan and vulnerable people, including women and girls at risk, and members of minority groups at risk (including ethnic and religious minorities and LGBT+). Anyone who is resettled through the ACRS will receive indefinite leave to enter or remain in the UK, and will be able to apply for British citizenship after 5 years. 
  • New international travel rules: As of 4th October 2021, the traffic light system will be replaced by a single red list. 
  • Home Office processing times: Due to high global demand, some visa routes are taking longer than usual to be processed.
  • ID check app: Individuals using the UK immigration ID check app will not receive a vignette in their passport if their application is successful.
  • Travel documents for EEA nationals: From 1st October 2021, EU, EEA and Swiss nationals must use a passport to enter the UK unless they applied to the EUSS or have a pending application or have protected rights under Citizens’ Rights Agreements. Previously, they could use a national ID card. 
  • Entry clearance: If an applicant finds an error with the entry clearance endorsement they can request to have it amended. If the error is found before travelling to the UK, applicants must contact the Visa Application Centre. 

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