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Latest CIPD reporting on mental health

May 18, 2018 | Employment, Latest Thinking, News

What are the latest statistics of mental health in the workplace, following from the latest CIPD report?

Every year, the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) reveals a report of general health and wellbeing within the UK. One of the key reports established is that one in four people suffer from a form of mental health issue every year.

As an example, some of the results released by the CIPD are as follows:

Increase in number of workplace absences

  • the number of absences due to mental health issues has risen from 41% in 2016 to 55% in 2018. E.g. stress-related absences were surrounding either family issues, workload or general management style of the individuals

Loss of working days

  • 70 Million working days were reported to be lost every year due to mental health related illnesses.
  • The loss of these working days has been said to cost the UK economy between £74-99 Billion pounds.

Therefore, corporations worldwide are being encouraged to make sure that they are not only raising awareness for the mental health awareness of their employees, but to also have processes in place within the workforce which can help those in need of it.

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