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Latest changes to French immigration law

November 7, 2016 | Immigration, Latest Thinking, News

As of 28 October 2016, changes to the French immigration law have been implemented in order to improve existing immigration categories and introduce a ‘Talent Passport’.

A work permit will no longer be required for short-term assessment (max. 3 months) for the following categories:

Employee on a local contract in France:

  • Sports, cultural, artistic and scientific events
  • Professional conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Film, audio-visual, entertainment and Phonographic publishing production and distribution, if the employee is an artist or technical personnel that is directly part of the production or project
  • Modelling
  • Personal services and domestic workers during the assignment in France of their private employers
  • Education given occasionally by visiting professors

Employee on detachment (as defined the French labor law article L. 1262-1)

Assignments for audits and experts in: IT, management, finance, insurance, architecture and engineering

“Talent Passport” permit (as of November 1st), a 4 years work permit, for the following categories:

  • Change of status for students holding a Master degree from France
  • European Blue card
  • ICT “salarié en mission” with a local employment contract in France
  •   Scientists/Researchers
  • Applicants holding a Master degree who wish to open a business in France
  • Foreign nationals who present a project in innovation that has been recognized by an official administration
  • Foreign nationals who invest directly in France
  • Artists

ICT Employees on Detachment status – there will be now 3 separate permit categories:

  • ICT Employee on detachment – issued for an employee who is on an assignment in a senior management position or to provide expertise, to a company in France that is part of the same group as the home country employer
  • ICT Trainee – issued when there is an approved training agreement within the framework of an internship with an institution or company of the same group as the home country employer
  • Mobile ICT Employee on detachment or Mobile ICT Trainee – issued if the foreign national already holds a residence permit issued by another EU country under the category ICT employee or ICT trainee

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