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What’s trending in the legal sector?

May 14, 2018 | Latest Thinking, News

With the ongoing rise and merging of technology with globalisation, what is predicted to be the key dominate trends for the legal sector during this ongoing development?

  1. Globalisation

Nation- based Law firms that are predominately specialised to their own country might find themselves having to adapt further to an ever-expanding globalised world.

This means that every law firm may be expected to be able to handle complex multinational cases and offer specialist advice in different countries, aside from their own.

  1. Commoditization, Legal search engines and the use of Social Media.

With the ongoing technological advancement, law firms may be expected to adapt accordingly, which means that computer systems will be used to a higher degree.

For instance, a law firm may be expected to use a computer system to produce a range of documents, keep an up to date social media account in operation as part of their growth strategy, as well as the use of ‘legal search engines’ which could change the way potential clients acquire legal assistance altogether.

  1. Virtual law firms

Law firms may be increasingly becoming virtual, as the rise of the ‘working from home’ option becomes more prevalent. This could lead to the client never having to go to a law firm to meet with a solicitor, but alternatively having a solicitor come to them instead.

  1. Deregulation

The marketing of a law firm may alter as large corporations are progressively also offering legal services to the public, which could also become a major competition threat to law firms generally.

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