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It’s time for Sponsor Licence Renewals

August 13, 2012 | News

The first batch of Sponsors who applied for and obtained their Sponsor Licence immediately following the introduction of the Points Based System in 2008, will now be receiving notifications from the UK Border Agency (UKBA) in relation to renewing their licence.

The UKBA will send emails to Level 1 users. They will send further notification to Sponsors three months prior to the expiry date of their licence. The application fee is £500 for small companies and £1500 for medium and large companies.

The UKBA has confirmed that no further documentation will need to be submitted with the application however Sponsors should be prepared to submit any documents which are subsequently requested by the UKBA within 7 days. The UKBA has also stated that they may undertake a compliance visit before renewing the licence.

What Next?

It is important that all Sponsors keep the Sponsor summary details up to date on the SMS before they submit a renewal application. They should also consider carrying out an audit of their migrant workers’ files to ensure compliance with the ever changing guidelines. Hudson McKenzie as legal representatives can carry out an audit for you and highlight any area of potential risk.

We strongly recommend that Sponsors submit their renewal applications well in advance of their expiry date. Sponsors may continue to sponsor migrants whilst the application is being processed provided the application and payment is received before the expiry date.

It is pertinent to note that should the Sponsors miss the deadline, they will no longer be able to sponsor migrants and their existing leave will be curtailed. Where Hudson McKenzie is listed as a Level 1 user, we will ensure that the application is submitted in advance of the expiry date.

For more information on the above, please contact the Global Mobility professional you deal with at the firm or send an email to one of our UK Immigration Lawyers at