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Isreal extend the validity for experts on the short-term work visas

October 19, 2021 | Business, Immigration, Travel

B-1 Short Employment Authorization (SEA) visa holders can now stay longer in Isreal. Previously these visas were valid for 45 days annually, however, this has been extended to 90 days per calendar year. The B-1 visa allows expert foreign nationals who have a unique skill or knowledge to undertake urgent foreign work in Isreal. 

Within the 90 day period, visa holders can utilise this in multiple visits and do not have to stay in Isreal for 90 days continuously. However, if an individual does make multiple visits to Isreal under this route, each visit will need to be approved by the Isreal Ministry of Interior. 

The Isreal Ministry of Interior has also shortened its processing time for this visa. It will now take up to 10 days for the visa to be granted and will allow employers more flexibility to bring in specialists. 

The following can be eligible for a B-1 SEA visa:

  • Specialists Working in Academic Fields: for example, engineers for research and development teams, auditors, senior executives, and other Senior Supervisors.
  • Specialists working in non-academic fields: for example, welders, mechanical installers, equipment installers.
  • High tech work such as cyber experts.

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