UK to ease immigration rules for medical staff? | Hudson McKenzie

UK to ease immigration rules for medical staff?

For several years, the UK has seen a huge shortage in NHS doctors and nurses, leading to an untold amount of pressure on the UK’s health service.

There are currently talks of the annual skilled worker cap not applying to doctors coming to the UK from overseas, to work on the NHS. This would probably be a big help, seeing as the quota has been oversubscribed since December 2017.

The current annual skilled worker cap is set at 20,700, removing doctors from this would lessen the burden on the NHS, as well as allowing more skilled workers entry to the UK where there is a genuine requirement.

It is yet to be seen if nurses will be exempt from the cap and if the rules were relaxed for medics, this would not be until around August this year.

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Author: Amisha Jethwa