Immigration Health Surcharge Increase - | Hudson McKenzie

Immigration Health Surcharge Increase

On 27th October 2020, the Home Office officially increased the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). This fee is paid by overseas nationals who enter the UK for work, study or for the purposes of re-joining family members so they can have access to our public health service, the NHS. Upon payment of this charge, these individuals will have comprehensive access to the healthcare services that the NHS provides equivalent to that of an ordinary UK citizen. This also means that they will only pay standard additional charges that any other UK citizen would pay, such as prescription charges.

The IHS has now increased to £624.00 per person for a one-year period. Dependants must pay the same amount as the main visa applicant. However, there is a discounted rate of £470.00 for minor children, student visa holders and applicants via the Youth Mobility Scheme.

Those who are exempt from paying this charge are workers in the health and care sector and Health and Care visa applicants. Those who are not eligible for the Health and Care visa can claim for a reimbursement for the IHS they have already paid out.

Should EU, EEA and Swiss citizens wish to come to the UK for work, study, or resident purposes from January 2021, they must pay this charge under the conditions of the new immigration system.