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If Data is the new Oil, China is the new Saudi Arabia

It seems as though China is heading towards becoming the first “global superpower” for artificial intelligence (AI).

Why? An interesting quote by author Abishur Prakash summarizes China’s position:

“China is betting on Artificial intelligence (AI) and investing in AI and deploying AI on a scale no other country is doing.”

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

AI involves the study and development of software to produce human-like intelligence through a computer, robot or machine.

How are China using AI?

China is investing heavily in AI including investment in chips and algorithms. It is also undergoing a lot of research and development projects to improve on its AI scheme by gathering and analysing data. Computer scientist Kai-Fu Lee states that China’s AI scheme is “more about having a large amount of continually refreshed data and good-enough AI researchers who can make use of that data.” 

China has proposed that AI brings new opportunities for social construction and the development of AI will improve national security and national competitiveness. Broadly speaking, China aims to connect and upgrade it’s entire AI system by 2025 to assist with business and central government to monitor its own population. China uses its vast amount of data, talent companies, research and capital to build this massive AI ecosystem.  

One of the strategies that China aims to adopt in their AI goals is what’s called a “social score.” This involves controlling their citizens with machines instead of people. The social score system is used to collect data about citizens and companies and analyses that data and enforces actions based on it.  

The use of AI certainly opens up debates in relation to freedom of speech, privacy and censorship. However, it is clear that China is dominating the AI industry and has advanced in this field further than any other country. 

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