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How successful has GDPR been?

It’s nearly one year since GDPR was enacted within the UK, so how successful has it been in its implementation?

In April 2016, the EU Parliament approved the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which was then enforced within the UK in May 2018. From its enacted, organisations nationwide are expected to comply with the latest regulations or face ‘heavy’ fines.

Although may companies in the lead up to the GDPR implementation sought external help to make sure that their business was 100% compliant, latest reports show that many companies are still failing in their process operations when it comes to Data Protection under GDPR.

Initially, GDPR was a means to replacing the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC so to ‘harmonise’ date privacy laws across the EU, as well as simultaneously ensuring the protection of data privacy and organisations approach to data privacy generally.

However, latest reports suggest that despite the EU’s efforts, there has been a numerous amount of ‘High-Profile’ data breaches on a daily basis, with most data breaches likely to go undetected. Therefore, does GDPR really have the impact of regulation and power over companies for compliancy as it initially intended?

Alternatively, GDPR may have only benefited EU citizens who from the implementation of GDPR were able to understand to a greater extent as to how their data is being used by organisations. However, this does not necessarily mean that GDPR has simultaneously had the power to stop data breaches altogether and provide ultimate protection for the data privacy of citizens, despite mass compliancy to the latest regulations.

For instance, one of the most common and likely breaches of data privacy under GDPR is the forwarding of client emails from an employee to the employees personal email address. However, reports show that from a survey of 1,002 UK Workers, 64% of employees have done this since GDPR was enacted.

Therefore, is GDPR likely to see further amendments to the regulation of data privacy for EU Citizens in times to come? Should greater measures be enforced so to ensure complete protection for EU citizens?

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