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How is Europe coping with the pandemic?

March 3, 2021 | COVID-19, Latest Thinking, News, Travel

While the UK government has set out a “road map” to lifting coronavirus restrictions, many people are wondering whether they will be able to travel to Europe this summer. Boris Johnson has announced that by 17th May 2021 at the earliest, UK hotels may open and international travel resumed. For Brits, the end may be in sight, but this poses the question: how is Europe doing in the fight against coronavirus?

The following outlines some updates on some European countries and their positions in the pandemic:

  • France: French bars, ski resorts, restaurants, cinemas, theatres all remain shut. On 31st January France closed its borders to non-Eu countries.  
  • Germany: In Germany non essential shops are closed. Clinical masks must be worn rather than home-made fabric masks or scarfs. German schools are open.
  • Greece: Greece has been in a strict lockdown since November 2020, however, in January 2021 all shops and schools reopened. There have been lockdown measures in place in “red zones” where high infection rates were detected such as in Athens. 
  • Italy: Travel between the Italian regions is banned. Some regions have been able to open bars and restaurants where the virus is not as prominent. High schools are also open, however with smaller class groups.  
  • Czech republic: As one of the hardest hit countries, Czech Republic is increasing its restrictions and undergoing mass testing. 
  • Spain: Spain is under a curfew and travel within the curfew times is banned unless it is for specific reasons. 
  • Belgium: Belgium is currently in a national lockdown until 1st April. Up to four people are allowed to meet together outside.
  • Denmark: Denmark has been in a lockdown since December 2020. 
  • Sweden: Until recently, Sweden relied on residents to follow the health rules voluntarily without sanctions. Now, government guidelines have been announced including an 8 person rule for gatherings and face masks now have to be worn outside of rush hour on public transport.   

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