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Help for litigants to increase in UK Courts

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has recently announced that the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) are likely to be updated, so as to provide greater assistance to all litigants.

Concerns recently were raised that solicitors were not doing enough to inform litigants about important updates surrounding the UK courts, as well as not providing adequate records of proceedings. Therefore the MOJ is seeking to provide informal versions of records of all proceedings before they go to transcript, which should ease the process for litigants overall.

Other notable changes to be made is that henceforth, all parties within litigation cases will be required to copy the opposing side when addressing an email to the court in question, so to ease transparency during the case procedures. This can relate to the ambitions of UK legislators to increase the principle of ‘open justice’, in which any communication of any form must generally be seen both parties throughout the case, unless a statement or agreement of ‘Non-Disclosure’ is presented to the court.

Any changes likely to be made to the CPR are to come into effect from 6th April 2019, following from parliamentary approval.

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