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Global immigration changes

June 25, 2021 | Immigration, Travel

Keep up-to-date with the latest notable global immigration changes in the Netherlands, Canada and Russia.


Netherlands immigration changes


For those UK nationals who are living in the Netherlands currently, the deadline has been extended to apply for a new residence document. For UK nationals who arrived in the Netherlands before 1st January, in order to be protected by the Brexit transition period, they must apply for a new residence document. The deadline is now 1st October 2021. 


Canada immigration changes


On 1st April 2021, the Trade Continuity Agreement came into effect between the UK and Canada. Along with giving trading rights, the Agreement allows UK nationals to obtain work permits which are exempt from the Labour Market Impact Assessments for intra company transfers, engineering and scientific technologists.  


Russia immigration changes


Russia has produced changes to the list of purposes for entry. In order to apply for a visa in Russia for certain visa routes, applicants require a letter of invitation. The different types of invitations include tourist invitation, business invitation and private invitation.

The amended list of purposes to entry include the following:

  • Installation works- foreign nationals working in foreign companies providing technical support including repairs of equipment
  • Professor- This category has been abolished from the list
  • Accompanying a family member- This category has been abolished from the list


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