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Global Citizenship & Brexit: What now?

How will ‘Global Citizenship’ be impacted in a post-Brexit world?

The concept of a ‘Global Citizen’ is no longer hypothetical, as many people across the world are now a mix of nationalities or are seeking to becoming a citizen of various countries by obtaining second, third and fourth passports.

Usually, the ideology behind the concept of ‘Global Citizenship’ is typically associated with wealthy ‘elitist’ individuals who have the funding to invest in many different countries, specifically those who offer a passport upon investment – also known as the ‘Golden Visa’.

On the other spectrum of the idea, many individuals no longer belong strictly to one nation, having dual-nationality parents and being expats in other countries, marrying spouses from overseas and so  forth. Therefore, how will ‘Global Citizens’ be impacted by Brexit in foreseeable times to come?

Is Brexit outdated by Globalisation?

Although Britain plans to reduce the amount of EU nationals within the UK by imposing new sanctions such as the EU Settlement Scheme upon them, this does not necessarily apply to foreign nationals from further overseas, who are likely to be encouraged to a greater extent to come to the UK – especially investors.

However, with ‘Global Citizenship’ on the rise, should the prejudice aimed at specific nations, such as EU nationals, still be a relevant objective of nations to uphold? This is specifically because the vast amount of international business is based upon the employment of ‘foreign workers’, in which the identity of the association with a nation state becomes lost within these global ‘stateless’ industries.

Therefore, perhaps the ideology of Brexit itself is an outdated concept, being overtaken by new developing ideologies of ‘Global Citizenship’, in which despite the latest Brexit conundrum, individuals across the world will continue to grow into the identity of the Global Citizen, rather than to become set back by the identity of nationality, in times to come.

So, where do British Nationals fit into all of this?

Despite Brexit, British Nationals are still being urged to apply for European Passports, as a means of promoting the continuation of the Freedom of Movement.

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