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How does gender affect immigration?

September 5, 2017 | Immigration, Latest Thinking, News

Following from recent news regarding President Trump’s ban upon transgender individuals from entering the United States military, questions can begin to arise as to how far an individual’s gender really does affect their prospects in life and the sectors that they participate in – such as immigration.

Already within the visa application process, the individual in question has their education, financial position and marital position evaluated, so to assess whether that individual should be allowed to be awarded a visa to the country desired. However, would it be considered too much of a violation of an individual’s rights to also evaluate their visa application based upon what gender they are?

For instance, in 1946 the United Nations Commission for Human Rights (UNCHR) promoted the ‘equal rights of men and women’ to be protected, as part of an individual’s fundamental human rights. Furthermore, regarding alternative gender orientations, such as transgender individuals, UNCHR also advocates that every individual should have their right to the ‘freedom of expression’ protected. And so, the question may be asked; by evaluating an individual’s gender during their visa application process, is this impacting upon the individual’s human rights?

Therefore, following from these questions and the recent news regarding President Trump, Hudson McKenzie has placed a greater emphasis on ensuring that gender equality is maintained to a high standard during all its legal services, particularly regarding immigration and the visa application process. Furthermore, Hudson McKenzie also strives to maintain a highly ethical CSR workplace, by ensuring that these fundamental human rights are also protected for each individual employee. This is because Hudson McKenzie strives to maintain a high-quality CSR scheme, as mentioned in a previous blog post, in which specific matters such as gender equality are at the forefront of the agenda.

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You can also read more about the UNCHR on their website:

Author: Portia Vincent-Kirby