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How much will the change in GDPR affect IP law?

As Intellectual Property Law (IP) rapidly advances, especially with the continuing development of technology, how much will the change to GDPR this year effect the impact of IP upon businesses?

A balance between the interests of the public against those of the creators of intellectual property can be argued as an essential element to the understanding of Intellectual Property law.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand exactly how the understanding of Intellectual Property law benefits both the public and the creators of IP (the businesses at hand) through this understanding of providing a form of balance between the two.

Technological and political change has evidently ignited an expansion within the business economies, in comparison to the older, more traditional industrial and product based economies.

Following from this change, several factors have arisen, effecting sectors such as:

  • Digital reproduction
  • The internet
  • Rights expansion

Thus, with the coming of the GDPR change later in this year, and businesses having to adapt accordingly to the data handling of customers, it may be advisable that businesses also increase their awareness of managing their compliance with IP.

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Author: Portia Vincent-Kirby