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Ex-ISIS Bride granted Legal Aid for UK Citizenship

April 15, 2019 | Immigration, Latest Thinking, News

An ex-ISIS bride has recently rocked the UK immigration scene by being granted Legal Aid so to assist with the regaining of her previous UK Citizenship after it was stripped from following from her departure from the UK to join her ex-ISIS husband in Syria.

As the ex-ISIS Bride was born as a UK citizen, Legal Aid Organisations have granted her right to legal aid assistance, in which she is entitled to like all other British Citizens. According to reports, despite the ex-ISIS bride’s affiliation to the Islamic Terrorist Group, the ex-wife still has the fundamental right to be represented within UK law.

Initially after joining her ex-husband who belonged to the Terrorist Group ISIS, the ex-wife was stripped of her British Citizenship under the 1981 British Nationality Act due to the Home Secretary concluding that her citizenship was “conducive to the public good”.

Her entitlement to Legal Aid also shows the level of democracy of the UK government in handling sensitive situations, so that the ex-wife’s case to regain her previous British Citizenship may be handled democratically and fairly, without jeopardise her fundamental rights during the process.

The Legal Aid that has been granted is specifically under the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIac) which predominately deals with cases of those who are stripped of their nationality upon the basis of national security.

Therefore, although the ex-ISIS bridge has been granted Legal Aid so to assist with her case, the outcome of the proceedings is unlikely to be anytime soon due to the nature of the case which will involve M15 Intelligence Reports, amongst other lengthy processes.

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