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Update: Digital plea now implemented

April 25, 2019 | Latest Thinking, News

In the latest initiative to digitalise the justice system, defendants will now be able to declare whether they are guilty or not via an online system.

However, this shall not be applied to all forms of crimes, but instead shall be attributable only to “petty” crimes, such as not paying for train fare.

The notable benefits of pleading guilty online to petty crimes is that not only does it save time and funding from the legal system’s perspective, but also allows the petty crime to be dealt with by the defendant at their own will, under the comfort of their own home. A sort of ‘Do it Yourself’ legal formality.

By pleading guilty online, the defendants shall be given an automatic ‘pre-determined’ penalty fee which once paid shall clear them of the charge automatically.

This a voluntary system for defendants to opt into, in which he is a clear sign of how the justice system may develop revolving around digitalisation in times to come.

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