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Digital nomad visa requirements

In a previous post, we explained how digital nomad visas are becoming more popular among countries. Countries around the world are trying to encourage people to travel in order to boost economies after the pandemic. A digital nomad visa allows those who want to travel and work remotely to do so legally. 

Many of the digital nomad visas that are available around the world have similar requirements in that you must be able to work remotely whether that is within your own business or for an employer. Other requirements vary from country to country.

What are the requirements for digital nomad visas around the world?


As of 1st August 2020, location-independent people are able to apply for a digital nomad visa in Estonia.


  • You can work location- independently
  • You can work remotely and fulfil tasks successfully
  • You have an active employment contract or own a business outside of Estonia or work as a freelancer for clients outside of Estonia
  • You earn a minimum monthly threshold of Euro 3504 and can demonstrate this for the past 6-months


Dubai is offering a 1-year digital nomad visa which was launched in October 2020 to boost the economy since the pandemic has restricted travel.


  • You must have an employment contract which is valid for 1-year or own a business
  • You must show a minimum monthly income of USD $5000


Spain offers a digital nomad visa which allows you to stay for longer than 90-days.


  • You must show that you are employed or own a business
  • You must show that you have a minimum of EURO 661 in your bank account for a period of time.


Croatia has a 1-year digital nomad visa which was launched in January 2021.


  • You must be in employment or own your own business which does not employ Croatian employees and is not registered in Croatia
  • You must earn a monthly income of around the equivalent of USD $2700
  • You should show proof that you are a digital nomad and can work remotely
  • You must show proof of travel insurance

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