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Deeper dive into the immigration strategy announcement

June 24, 2021 | Immigration, News, UK Government

On 24th May 2021 the Home Office announced a New plan for immigration: legal migration and border control strategy statement. In another post we gave an overview of the proposals. In this post we will take a deeper dive into the plans. 


Simplify rules


The UK government aims to simplify the immigration rules along with the questions on visa application forms to make them easier to understand and answer. There is proposed to be more flexibility around the evidential requirements for Graduate, International Sportsperson, family, private life, settlement and returning residents routes.


It is noted that the requirement for proving relationship for family visas is proposed to be more consistent. 


It is also said that those who already hold a BRP will not need to attend a visa application center to try to streamline the process better. 


Benefits: Simplifying the application forms will ensure that people are answering questions correctly and not getting caught out on ambiguous questions. This will make forms easier to complete for visa applicants. 




There has been mention of redesigning the sponsorship system to speed up end-to-end processing, improve sponsors’ experience and prevent abuse of the system.


Benefits: The Home Office wants to encourage compliance of sponsors to ensure that organisations are working with the Home Office to prevent illegal working. The strategy mentions that there is a desire to improve the sponsor’s experience by putting in place automatic checks and other ways to lessen burdens on sponsors. This may encourage more organisations to sponsor foreign migrants if the process supports sponsors more. 



The Home Office have stated that they intend to enhance communication so that sponsors and immigration service users understand the processes. This is to avoid non compliance with rules and to tackle modern slavery and trafficking. 


Benefits: Improvement of communication from the Home Office will simplify any ambiguity in the rules or processes.


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