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Cyber-attacks target law firms

As technology advances, so does the risk of potential cyber-attacks. Therefore, how can businesses, such as law firms, protect themselves from these technological threats?

Recent reports from the National Cyber Security Center show that £11 Million of money obtained from clients via law firms has been stolen in the last year. This is predominantly due to the lack of knowledge that law firms have when it comes to making sure that their digital systems are up to date within this ever-changing technological day-and-age.

For instance, also within the last year approximately 60% of law firms have been victims of cyber-attacks, in which has led to many seeking external help regarding their implementation of cyber security at their own legal practices.

Despite the recent implementation of GDPR across businesses, including law firms, nationwide, it seems that cyber-attacks are still a high-risk factor for most as through the extensive email and money exchange that a business operates through daily, third-parties are likely to get through, which may create gateways for others to filter through a business’s system.

Therefore, all law firms are encouraged to make sure that they install effective technology, so to counter-act any potential cyber-attacks, as well as ensuring that all staff are well trained in maintaining the security of the company generally.

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