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What is whistleblowing and how has COVID impacted it?

February 24, 2021 | Company/Commercial, COVID-19, Employment

In short, whistleblowing is reporting wrongdoing. This commonly occurs in the workplace and comes from the saying “blowing the whistle,” meaning alerting attention to something. Whistleblowing in a UK workplace Legal protection for whistleblowers is found under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 and incorporated into the Employment Rights Act 1996. Most companies have a

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Visit visas for the UK and current travel restrictions

February 22, 2021 | COVID-19, Immigration, News, Travel, UK Government

Lately there have been numerous changes to travel rules. As of 15th February 2021, additional restrictions have been put in place for people travelling to the UK.  Current travel restrictions Currently, it is illegal to travel abroad from the UK for leisure purposes. You cannot travel unless you have a legally permitted reason to do

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What are “quarantine hotels”?

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the UK government has put in place “quarantine hotels” for those travelling into the UK. From 15th February 2021, all those allowed to enter England who have travelled through or from a country in the last 10 days where travel to the UK is banned (red list countries) must

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Sponsor licence duties for skilled workers and the effects of COVID

As a sponsor licence holder who employs migrant workers, there are certain duties and obligations that need to be met such as, recording keeping duties and reporting duties. As mentioned in a previous post, certain rules have been relaxed due to the pandemic, such as not having to report absences related to coronavirus and not

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What is the COVID Visa Concession scheme?

February 2, 2021 | COVID-19, Immigration, News, Travel, UK Government

The UK government has introduced a COVID Visa Concession scheme (CVC) which is aimed at those individuals who are outside of the UK and either had leave to remain or were seeking to apply to stay in the UK. The concession scheme applies to those who left the UK before 17th March 2020 and due

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Visa postponements and restrictions for New Zealand

January 27, 2021 | COVID-19, Immigration, Travel

New Zealand’s borders are closed to most travellers, however New Zealand has updated information on their various visa routes due to restrictions caused by the pandemic. The government has passed legislation which allows them to make changes to visa requirements, amendments and extensions during COVID-19. Student visa: The New Zealand government is allowing a limited

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Go where you are treated best

January 14, 2021 | COVID-19, Immigration, News, Travel

We are now living in a world that is so connected, it is easy to communicate with someone on the other side of the globe and movement between countries is the norm. With COVID, many of us are working from home. 2020 has taught us that, providing you have an internet connection and a laptop,

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The UK faces a third lockdown

After a brief relaxation of the rules over the Christmas period and many areas across the UK moving into Tier 4, the UK faces yet another national lockdown as the struggle with COVID-19 continues into 2021.  Unlike the last lockdown in November 2020, schools, colleges and universities will be closed, with exams said to be

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Reduced quarantine duration upon arrival in the UK

Travellers returning to the UK from the Canary Islands must now self-isolate as of Saturday 12th December because of growing infection rates. This means that many Britons are trying to get a flight home as soon as possible, so they do not have to isolate themselves over Christmas. In addition, it has been recently announced

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Danish employment update: compulsory COVID-19 testing

December 11, 2020 | COVID-19, Employment, Latest Thinking, News

In Denmark, the Danish government has only just recently passed legislation on Thursday 19th November that will permit compulsory mass coronavirus testing for company employees. Companies will be allowed to enforce mandatory coronavirus testing on their employees, including employees being obliged to disclose their test results to their employers. This new law is scheduled to

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UK Visas update

Whilst we are still locked down in the name of a global pandemic, it is important that visa applicants remain updated with the latest changes/updates to all aspects surrounding visa applications. These updates were released on 13th November 2020. UKVCAS points and Service Points Whilst the UK is in a national lockdown, certain essential services

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Hong Kong and Singapore overcome travel restrictions

According to the aviation authorities in Singapore, the ‘Air Travel Bubble’ (ATB) will be introduced from 22nd November 2020.  The ATB is a concept co-created by Hong Kong and Singapore which will permit residents in these Asian countries to travel from Singapore to Hong Kong and vice versa. This type of travel will not subject

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UK outlaws travel from Denmark

Following from the latest news of a surge of COVID-19 cases across multiple mink farms in Denmark, the UK government has responded quickly to prevent this spread from entering the UK. Government officials have chosen to act with optimum efficiency after the latest developments revealed that the outbreak of coronavirus amongst these mink farms are

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COVID-19 support for UK migrants

For migrants living in the UK, the UK government has vowed to give these migrants support if they are ineligible to reside permanently in the UK. This support can be in the forms of access to public funds, medical treatment and so forth. Access to public funding Migrants may be able to access public funds

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The UK succumbs to a second national lockdown

Despite the UK government’s best attempts to control the spread of the virus through its regional COVID-19-tiered system, this system has been scrapped in favour of a second national lockdown. This follows from a surge of second national lockdowns occurring across the globe, including Israel, France, and Germany. This will take place from Thursday 5th

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