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COVID-19 Update: Travel Recommendations

On Friday 24th April 2020, The Foreign & Commonwealth Office issued updated information for British citizens engaging in international travel during the coronavirus pandemic. Ultimately, the two crucial messages to individuals travelling abroad still stand:

  1.  Individuals should return to the UK now, on condition that commercial flights are available.
  2. Do not travel overseas except when it is essential.

Primarily, a salient point of the UK government is to return Britons home via their collaboration with the airline industry. If you are a UK resident and would like to return home, please consider the following recommendations:

  • If UK-bound flights are accessible, book a flight to the UK immediately.
  • To find out if a charter flight is obtainable, please visit the ‘Return to UK’ section of the country’s travel advice webpage and check if you are eligible to board on that flight.
  • If the cost of boarding a commercial flight is an issue and all other funding options have been exhausted, you may qualify for an emergency loan from the UK government.

Immigration issues:

If your visa is due to expire, the UK has set up a new system for foreign nationals to qualify for an extension in the current extenuating circumstances. Some countries have also done the same but for further clarification, you must ensure you comply with local requirements of the country you are in and remain updated with travel advice of the country you are in.

Mental health and wellbeing recommendations:

  • Keep in regular contact with family and friends at home and abroad
  • If you need urgent support, contact your local UK embassy, your travel insurer or local medical professional
  • Note down emergency contacts should anything happen to you whilst abroad
  • Visit the websites of organisation such as the NHS for resources on mental health and travel
  • Try to distract yourself from over-involvement with social media and the news regarding COVID-19, although it is useful to remain informed on daily updates.

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