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COVID-19 Update: Israel

Due to a rapid rise in cases of COVID-19, the Israeli government took the executive decision to go into full lockdown until 11th October 2020. This has forced everything to a close, except for the provision of essential services, and has imposed restrictions on the movement of civilians to 1000 metres from their homes.

For those wishing to travel in and out of Israel whilst it is in lockdown, they are advised to note the current travel and immigration provisions and procedures.


During the period of the lockdown, there are no restrictions on inbound air travel into Israel, i.e individuals wishing to travel into Israel from overseas can travel at ease without limitations. They are however subject to comply with certain conditions.

  • Overseas nationals seeking to travel to Israel must obtain a special entry clearance. This must be obtained from the Israeli Consulate or embassy located in their country of residence.
  • Within 24 hours of departure, passengers must submit an Israel Entry Report online. This will contain health declarations and their whereabouts over the past two consecutive weeks. Passengers must either hold a physical or digital copy of this to present this to Israeli officials upon their arrival.
  • Arrivals from ‘Red’ countries must self-isolate for a period of two consecutive weeks upon arrival in Israel. They will also be subject to a COVID-19 test. It is mandatory that they complete and submit an online ‘commitment to self-isolate’ form before they arrive in the country.
  • Arrivals from ‘Green’ countries who have not visited a ‘Red’ country for the past 14 days will not be required to self-quarantine upon arrival onto Israeli soil.
  • All arrivals must present adequate health insurance which must cover COVID-19.

However, for outbound travel, there remains some limitations. Outbound air travel is only permitted to those who purchased their flight tickets before 14:00 PM on 25th September.

Eligible outbound travellers must submit an ‘Exit from Israel’ online passenger statement form within 24 hours of their departure. This will require individuals to provide their contact information and declare any health implications or considerations they have. Some may also be subject to taking a COVID-19 test before they leave the country, depending on which destination they are flying to.

Visa extensions

An automatic extension has been granted to all B-1 visas that are due to expire on or after 24th September this year. They will be extended until 30th November 2020.

Cases that are considered urgent will still have their applications processed by the Immigration Authority offices located in Tel Aviv, Israel, Haifa, Beer Sheva and East Jerusalem. It must be remembered that all the offices for the Population and Immigration Authority will be shut off to the public until the lockdown is lifted.

Should you have any queries regarding the above information or if you are seeking to travel amidst the pandemic and require immigration assistance, please get in contact with a professional at Hudson McKenzie via email at or by telephone +44(0)20 3318 5794.