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Costa Rica introduces new remote worker visa

August 25, 2021 | Employment, Immigration, News

The Costa Rican government has confirmed the approval of a new remote worker visa named the Short-term visa for remote workers or service providers. 

The visa is accessible to those who provide services to people or entities outside of Costa Rica who wish to work remotely whilst staying in Costa Rica.

In order to be eligible for this visa, applicants must prove they have a monthly income of at least $3000 USD. They can prove this by showing bank statements from the last year which evidence these earnings. Private medical insurance must be obtained which should cover the entire duration of the stay. 

The visa lasts for 1 year and can be extended for a further year providing the applicant has remained in Costa Rica for at least 180 days out of the 1 year period. 

Costa Rica has a huge tourism industry and much of the economy is reliant on tourism. The remote worker visa is a smart way of attracting longer-term tourists and boosting the economy. 

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