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The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – How far is it maintained?

As globalisation increases, so does the pressure to maintain Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to a high level within all corporate sectors – especially within the legal profession.

This is because as the evolution of technology is rapidly expanding, the growing importance of the ability to retain the ‘human touch’ within business and legal matters becomes a core aspect for all professional relations.

But, exactly what is CSR?

CSR is the ability of any business, such as a legal firm, to demonstrate that it can go beyond the norm of what is expected of that business at a basic level. For instance, a legal firm when acting through CSR will not only act for its clients in legal matters but will also go beyond this by reaching out to the social community that surrounds it.

By doing so, the CSR aspect of any business can ensure prospective and current clients of the firm that its core values are of a high ethical nature, adding to its success.

How does Hudson McKenzie ensure CSR?

Hudson McKenzie has embarked upon a numerous amount of ways in which to demonstrate that it is very determined to pursue a high level of CSR within the firm.

For instance, aside from providing the traditional CSR approach of pro-bono work, Hudson McKenzie is also in the process of setting up its own charitable foundation, through which a percentage of the firm’s revenue shall be donated towards a charitable cause.

Furthermore, the firm also holds a strong ethical mentality, by maintaining a highly conscientious ideology regarding its impact upon society. For example, the firm only uses animal-cruelty free products such as its leather-free stationary, zero-emission company cars, and a paper-free working environment by adopting cloud technology from its very inception.

Therefore, if you are interested in knowing more about how to get involved with the Hudson McKenzie CSR scheme, we would love to hear from you! We can also provide you with advice on how the importance of CSR can affect your business in all its operations.

To know more, please contact the firm’s PR coordinator; Portia Vincent-Kirby, either by email: or call on +44 (0) 20 3318 5799.

Author: Portia Vincent-Kirby