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“Corona pass” plans around the world

March 31, 2021 | COVID-19, Latest Thinking, News, Travel

There was mention of “Covid passports” a few weeks ago and the UK government is still debating whether these should be enforced when entering certain places such as pubs. However, around the world, other countries are making plans of their own. 

EU pass: Digital Green Certificate

EU leaders have approved the idea of a “Digital Green Certificate” which will show that people have been vaccinated and that they have had a negative coronavirus test result. The idea of implementing this is to get travel moving across EU borders. The digital certificate will be accepted by all EU member states and it will allow free movement around Europe without Covid restrictions.The EU plans to roll this out by the summer, however there are a lot of arrangements that need to be made before this is possible. 

What are other countries implementing?

  • Denmark– “Coronapas” vaccine passport: Denmark already has a digital ID system and the pass is said to be linked to that and will be key in easing restrictions. Denmark plans to roll out the pass very soon and aims to have it internationally recognised. The pass will be used in the hospitality sector to prove accepted permission to enter places like cinemas and restaurants.
  • Israel– “Greenpass”: This pass is already available to anyone who has been fully vaccinated and half of the population have been vaccinated in Israel. The pass is in the form of an app and is also available on paper. It will be required for facilities such as hotels and gyms.
  • Estonia– “QR code pass”: Estonia are planning on distributing a digital vaccine passport in the form of a QR code very soon. Individuals will be able to download the pass using their individual code to prove that they have been vaccinated.

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