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Changes to Work Permit applications for Hungary

Beginning 1 January 2014, third country national individuals residing in Hungary for more than 90 days requiring work authorisation must apply for a joint work and residence permit (Joint Permit) instead of filing separate work and residence permit applications.

Upon filing the application, the Immigration authorities will submit an official enquiry to the Labour Centre to obtain authorisation. After the labour authorisation has been obtained, they will consider whether the residency requirements have been fulfilled, and whether to grant a Joint Permit. The timeframe for issuing the joint permit is 90 days as set out by the authorities.

It seems the new procedure is proving to be disadvantageous for both employers and individuals alike. This is because prior to 1 January 2014, third country nationals were allowed to enter Hungary without a visa for a period not exceeding 90 days and could start work on the basis of a work permit issued to the employer without waiting to obtain a residence permit. However, after the new rules came into effect, an individual must now wait for the Joint Permit before commencing work.

Furthermore, prior to 1 January 2014, an employer in Hungary had to file a work permit application which made it relatively straightforward for them to collate all relevant information and documents required to submit the application.  As opposed to this, the applicant must now, before submitting a Joint Permit application, collate all of the necessary information and documents about the Hungarian employer.

We strongly recommend that individuals with a job offer in Hungary apply for their Joint Permit at the Hungarian Embassy or Consulate abroad prior to entering Hungary rather than applying in the country and waiting for the Joint Permit to be granted.

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