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Changes to the Sponsorship Management System

April 17, 2012 | News

All licensed sponsors in the UK will have received communication from the UK Border Agency outlining the changes introduced in the updated policy guidance for Tiers 2, 4 and 5 sponsors, published on 15 March 2012. This guidance became valid from 6 April 2012 and on this date there were also a number of changes to the Sponsorship Management System (SMS) account.
The changes are set out below.

For all sponsors

  • A sponsor will need to apply to renew their license after their initial four year license period expires if they wish to continue to sponsor workers and students.
  • A sponsor will be able to monitor changes of circumstances requests and track the progress of these requests and, if required, withdraw them.
  • Printer-friendly versions of Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) and Confirmations of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) will be available to print from the SMS.

For all Tier 2 and 5 sponsors

  • An application process has been introduced for premium / SME+ customer service.
  • An electronic payment for all action plans has been issued.

For Tier 2 (General) sponsors

  • A new unrestricted category for Tier 4 graduate students has been introduced to switch into Tier 2 (General) without having to advertise the post.
  • A new restricted category for dependants of Tier 4 students to switch into Tier 2 (General) has also been introduced.

For Tier 4 sponsors

  • An enhanced process has been introduced for reporting student activity.
  • A number of new optional fields in the CAS have been devised, to allow sponsors to provide required information on students and courses in a structured form.

For further information on the above please get in touch with one of our UK Immigration Lawyers by email at or call +44 (0)20 3553 7711.