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Changes to Immigration system in Colombia

September 8, 2017 | Immigration, Latest Thinking

The immigration system in Colombia has recently undergone considerable changes, which will come into effect from 14 December 2017. As of this date, the Government has announced that there will be three types of visas, ‘V’, ‘M’ and ‘R’, instead of the usual 20 types, as they used to have.

Below we have summarised the various available categories of visas.

Visitor Visa (V) – This is for those who want to visit Colombia for temporary, short-term trips, for tourism, business, academic reasons or medical purposes. The visa would be issued for multiple visits, for up to two-years.

Migrant Visa (M) – For foreign nationals who wish to remain in Colombia for up to 3-years and establish themselves. This would be applied by those who are employed by Colombian Entities, partner or spouse of a Colombian national, investors, students. This list is not exhaustive and there are more options to select from.

Residence Visa (R) – Anyone wishing to enter Colombia with the scope for settlement should opt for this visa category. If a person previously renounced their Colombian nationality, has a parent who was a Colombian national by birth, spent 2-5 years in Colombia and meets all the requirements would qualify for this.

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Author: Amisha Jethwa