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Changes to Denmark Immigration System

June 30, 2016 | Immigration, Latest Thinking, News

On 10th June 2016, major changes were brought about to Denmark’s immigration system. Primarily, the previous green card scheme has been abolished. This means that an applicant will no longer be able to apply for a green card in order to be able to work within Denmark, however those applying as an accompanying family member of someone who already holds a green card may continue to do so.

The Danish green card scheme

The scheme was similar to the points based system applied within the UK. In order to be successful, an applicant had to obtain a minimum of 100 points in the following categories:

  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Language
  • Adaptability
  • Age

Just like the system in the UK and Australia, the points obtained in each category depending on how desirable you are within the category. For example, if you have a Bachelor’s degree, an applicant would have scored 30 points, whereas a PhD would mean an applicant would have received 80 points. Additional points would also be scored depending on the ranking of the applicant’s university.

In addition to having to obtain these points, there were also financial requirements. An applicant had to be able to prove that they were able to sustain themselves and their dependents in Denmark.

Changes in the pay limit scheme

The pay limit scheme is another route of which those wanting to apply for a work permit for Denmark may take. It is a scheme dedicated to higher income earners and usually lasts for 4 years (if you have an unlimited job contract). One of the benefits of this system is that if you lose your job, for no fault of your own, you may obtain an additional 6 month residents permit in order to look for further employment.

However, in addition to the abolishment of the green card scheme, the bill passed on 2nd June, also led to the increase in the minimum financial requirements. The minimum salary was DKK 400,000 per year, up from DKK 375,000 per year previously. Any applications made prior to the 10th June would follow the previous requirements.

In addition to the minimum salary requirement, any holiday pay that is paid during the next year does not qualify. The salary must be specified in a written contract and the requirements are regulated on the 1st Jan every year.

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