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Update: Canon Law stops Sunday Services

Henceforth, all Christian Churches will no longer be legally required to hold ‘Sunday Services’.

The National Assembly of the Church of England, also known as the ‘General Synod’, recent scrapped the 17th Century Canon Law which made it a legal requirement for all churches to hold a service on Sunday.

The motivations behind the ending of the law is predominately due to the lack of vicars in several parts of the country, who were unable to conduct numerous services in different churches all on one day.

How is Canon Law applicable to English Law?

The powers of Canon Law as conducted by the General Synod is that all its ‘Measures’ which are passed must initially be approved by the UK Parliament and receive ‘Royal Assent’, so to become a part of English Law.

Therefore, although Canon Law may be considered a separate body from English Law, it is still susceptible to it when wanting to have its own laws changed or implemented on UK soil.

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