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Canada faces illegal immigrant crisis

August 1, 2018 | Immigration, Latest Thinking, News

While the USA is focusing its efforts on cracking down on immigration through their Southern border with Mexico, immigrants are entering illegally from the North.

Illegal immigrants are taking advantage of the lack of focus on the Canadian border to cross without the correct papers.

Tracking the border patrol’s activity, Canada smugglers have similar prices and just as elaborate methods to smuggles immigrants through Quebec and Vermont to the USA.

Mexican individuals do not need visas to enter Canada, so in order to avoid the failure or possible detention at the Southern border, they travel North, where the USA sends less resources to protect their border.

To combat the rise in illegal immigration across the Northern border, the USA has organized highway checkpoints in Maine, New York,and New Hampshire, hoping to catch any undocumented immigrants that have made it across the border.

The issue flows both ways, with illegal immigrants in the USA seeking asylum in Canada, fearing being sent to their home countries. Both Canada and the USA has addressed that this is a problem, but Canada is sees the issue as less of a priority to solve than the USA does.

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Author: Annaliese Druitt