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Can the U.K. manage immigration post-Brexit?

August 9, 2017 | Immigration, Latest Thinking, News

One year into his role as Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, Conservative Phillip Hammond has confidently stated, following from the recent Brexit talks in June, that “U.K Immigration will be managed but not shutdown post-Brexit”. However, how far is this statement going to be a warranted one?

Since Britain joined the European Union, with Winston Churchill as one of its founding influences, the focal point for Britain has been to preserve its sovereignty, despite the acknowledgment of pooling in some of its powers, so to allow the infrastructure of the European Union to remain functional.

Following from this ongoing patriotic attitude, by leaving the European Union, it may have been expected that Britain would be rejoicing, having finally regained the control that it once had to share.

However, following from the recent Brexit talks, it appears that Britain is instead trying to maintain a diplomatic and neutral stance, in which has led to the over used term of ‘Soft Brexit’, highlighting the dominant attitude of Britain, throughout its membership within the European Union.

Therefore, how far will the central topic of immigration be managed, once Britain has left the European Union, following from its contradictory attitude that toys between patriotism and the neutral diplomat?

Could immigration become the ‘sword in the stone’ within British economy, in which shall wait for some form of assistance, so to pull it out and manage it efficiently? With the uncertainty of how exactly immigration will be managed post-Brexit, now is a more important time than ever for immigration lawyers.

Fortunately, immigration lawyers can assist this unforeseeable management of immigration, following from the future Brexit negotiations, providing peace of mind in this time of uncertainty.

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Author: Portia Vincent – Kirby