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Brexit: Where are we now?

January 18, 2019 | Latest Thinking, News

The ongoing Brexit scenario is constantly changing day by day, however what are the latest keystone events that have occurred?

The word ‘Brexit’ arises from the amalgamation of the two words ‘’Britain’ and ‘Exit’, however since the UK referendum vote on leaving the EU was confirmed in 2016, there has been nothing but turmoil in ‘exiting’ the EU, rather than a easy and functional leaving process as intended.

So what exactly are the latest Brexit updates since the beginning of the New Year began?

Following on from 2018…

At the start of the year, the UK Parliament voted on Prime Minister (PM) Theresa May’s draft Withdrawal Agreement, which she drafted back in November 2018.

To the Prime Minister’s dismay, Parliament rejected the bill by a colossal 432 votes against to 202 votes in favour, causing embarrassment to the PM’s leadership position, as the vote demonstrates that less than a third of Parliament support the Prime Minister.

Being the ‘largest UK government defeat’ in the history of major legislation, the PM became paralyzed by the sting of her own bees, in which led to the ongoing Brexit catastrophe open to wherever the sails of Exiting the EU should harbor to next.

However, confidence still remains…

Despite the rejection of PM’s Draft Withdrawal Bill, the UK Government still remains enthusiastic that they shall be able to lead efficiently in the Brexit limelight, despite the evidential chaos that continues to brew amongst them.

For instance, following from the defeat, opposition leader of the Labour Party – Jeremy Corbyn, sparked a motion of “No Confidence” within the UK Government, which was backed by several other UK political parties in support.

However despite this, May still survived the vote of ‘No Confidence’ due to her two allies – The European Research Group (ERG) and the Democratic Union Party (DUP), allowing May to continue as before, despite the anguish in her abilities perceived by most to lead the UK out of the EU successfully.

Yet, with a deal still not set in stone just a mere ten weeks before the official Brexit leaving date on 29th March 2019 at 11:00am, what is next for the UK Government in showcasing its ability to ‘lead’ the way amongst this torrid Brexit affair?  

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