Brexit update: May avoids defeat | Hudson McKenzie

Brexit update: May avoids defeat

June 13, 2018 | Latest Thinking, News

Theresa May recently avoided a ‘major defeat’ on the EU Withdrawal Bill, which now means that Conservative MPs shall not have a say on what happens over Brexit, despite the growing Tory rebellion within parliament.

With 324 votes to 298 after a late concession, the government avoided allowing MPs to take over should the ministers fail to strike a deal in Brussels.

However if MPs did reject the bill, meaning that Theresa May would have been defeated, then this could have alternatively led to a ‘national crisis’ within the UK. This is because chances are high that if Theresa May was defeated, the UK would be leaving the EU without an official agreement in place.

The recent vote in the Commons debates shows over all exactly the prominence of the rise of Tory rebels, as well as providing more clarification upon whether an eventual deadline shall be given for the finalising of EU talk and negotiations.

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