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Brexit – The latest update

This is an update following the end of discussions of the fourth round of negotiations between the UK and EU in Brussels last week.

A publication released by the Home Office stated:

“Regarding the enforcement of citizens’ rights after we leave the EU, the UK has been clear that, as a third country outside of the EU, it would not be right for the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) to have direct jurisdiction. However, we have listened to the concerns that have been raised and – as the Prime Minister set out in her speech in Florence last week – the UK has committed to incorporating the final withdrawal agreement fully into UK law and said that UK courts should be able to take account of ECJ judgments in order to ensure consistent interpretation.”

There has been a vast progress for the rights for EU citizens in the UK and the UK feels that we may need to not be as strict on those who have settled status and have been out of the UK for more than 2 years. If the EU agrees to this, it would mean that an EU citizen with settled status could leave the UK for more than two years without their status being affected.

In return, as a UK national living in the EU, you would be able to move within the other Member States, as of now. Due to this being a massive change it will require a high level of consideration to ensure it would be the right decision.

The discussions also bought up a more streamlined process for those applying for the new settled status in the UK, as EU nationals who have Permanent Residence will need to regulate their stay under the new rules. However, it would be unfair for them to go through the entire process again, therefore it may be that they will not need to submit all their documentation again.

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Author: Amisha Jethwa