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Brexit negotiations update: The Irish border question

November 27, 2017 | Latest Thinking, News

Ireland has been left in limbo as it was announced recently that the final decision upon the Irish border cannot be finalised until a UK-EU trade deal is agreed.

However, in a turn of events, the Irish border situation has become a border in itself, as the discussions surrounding the Irish border has become an impediment towards the UK and EU negotiation process.

The Prime Minister of Ireland – Leo Varadkar (pictured above), has requested for a “written guarantee” that there shall be no “hard border” like the “hard Brexit” that is soon to erupt from the surface of Brexit negotiations.

Yet, the problem lies in the fact that a “hard border” can only be avoided if the region is kept within the Single Market and Customs Union, in which following from Brexit, the UK shall be leaving.

Therefore it remains unforeseen for now as to how the negotiations surrounding the Irish border question shall follow.

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